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Start your FREE listing today!
Start your FREE listing today!
Average Fizber customer saves more than $15,000
Average Fizber customer saves more than $15,000
Maximum exposure for your home (MLS, Zillow, Trulia and hundreds of other Real Estate websites)
Maximum exposure for your home (MLS, Zillow, Trulia and hundreds of other Real Estate websites)

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List on the MLS for FREE! Fizber's MLS Package gives you everything you need to sell and save

80% of homes sold in the U.S. are sold through the MLS! Fizber will get you on the MLS for $0 and assist you through the closing process for a flat fee of $1,995 at closing

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  • 6 month listing term on local MLS,, Zillow, Trulia & more
  • Contract, disclosure and closing paperwork assistance
  • Transaction coordination - we guide you all the way from offer to closing
  • Rather than paying 5-6% to list and sell your home, you can save on the listing portion (which is typically half) and list your home for $0 upfront and a flat fee of only $1,995 at closing (saving you thousands!)

How Does It Work

Place order
1Place order on or call us at (888) 381-2201
MLS Agents
2Our local MLS agent will contact you to get your home on the MLS for $0 upfront
3Complete listing agreement and provide photos and listing details. Your home will be placed on MLS within 24 hours of receipt
MLS Listing
4Your home is listed on the MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and hundreds of others. We take care of the paperwork and guide you from offer to closing. You pay $1,995 at closing.


  • Is it really $0 upfront?
    Yes! You can list on the MLS with no upfront investment. We are willing to make that investment for you and pay for your home to be on the local MLS for a six month Listing Term. If your home sells within the Listing Term, you pay a Success Fee of $1,995 at closing.
  • What help do i get for the $1,995 Success Fee?
    You receive help from listing to closing! Once you have a buyer, we take care of the paperwork and help you throughout the closing process. Disclosures, contracts...we have you covered!
  • How long will my listing be on the MLS?
    Your property will remain visible on your local MLS for six months or until your home sells (whichever comes first).
  • How many photos can I add to my listing?
    You can upload up to 25 photos to your listing. The more photos you upload, the better! Photos help homes sell.
  • How do potential buyers communicate with me?
    Your listing will include your contact information in the agent notes section of the MLS listing. Some buyers still may end up still contacting the MLS Broker and those communications (emails and voice messages) will be forwarded to you. You can respond directly to the prospective buyers.
  • Will my contact information be visible on the MLS Listing?
    Your contact information will be visible on the MLS listing. However, only agents with access to the MLS and will be able to see that contact information. Agents who see your house on the MLS will have your contact information and can contact you directly.
  • Whose phone number shows up with my listing at and Zillow? and Zillow will display the Flat Fee MLS Broker’s phone number under the "Listing Provided By" section of their websites. When visitors see your listing on their websites and call the number, the MLS Broker will forward that inquiry on to you. Please note that these websites also have contact forms and other phone numbers that visitors can "request more information" through, unfortunately, those forms and numbers are to generate leads to paid advertisers on their website (agents) so those inquiries will not be sent on to you.
  • Who shows my home to interested buyers?
    Once your listing is posted, you will be primarily responsible for the marketing of your home. This includes: scheduling and showing your home to prospective buyers, preparing and presenting any supplemental marketing materials, etc. Once you have a buyer, we step in to assist with the paperwork and guiding you through the closing process.
  • Does the Flat Fee MLS come with a yard sign?
    Some local MLS rules do not allow For Sale By Owner signs to be utilized when a home is placed on the MLS. Because of this our Flat Fee MLS does not include a yard sign. However, the local MLS broker that is helping you get on the MLS will let you know if yard signs are an option in your area and what the additional cost may be.
  • Will real estate agents want to show my house if I list it with a Flat Fee MLS Broker?
    They will if you are offering a competitive commission for the buyer’s agent and the listing price is competitive. Any agent that is going to earn a buyer’s agent commission will be willing to show your home. For them it is no different than if it is listed with a competitor. However, it is important for your house to be priced competitively. A listing price that is too high will dramatically reduce the number of showings.
  • What commission rate do I need to offer a Buyers Agent if I list with the Flat Fee MLS Broker?
    You decide the commission, from 1 percent to 3 percent. Fizber recommends offering buyers’ agents the traditional 2.5 or 3 percent buy-side commission. That means that you keep the 2.5 or 3 percent commission that usually goes to a listing agent, retaining that portion of your home equity for yourself.
  • How long does it take to get my listing on the MLS?
    Your listing will appear the same day or on the next business day, after you return the completed forms to your MLS Broker.
  • Why do some houses not sell with the Flat Fee MLS?
    There can be a number of different reasons why this occurs, however, this is mainly due to the following: the asking price is too high; the offered commission is too low; the seller is not available for showings and is unresponsive to buyers’ inquiries; or there is an unaddressed material defect on the property.
  • What if I need to cancel? Is there a Cancelation Fee?
    If you need cancel, no problem! If you cancel within the 6 month Listing Term there will be a $195 Cancelation Fee. Remember, if your home sells within the 6 month Listing Term you are obligated to pay the Success Fee as well.
  • What happens when my Flat Fee MLS Listing expires?
    Listings may be extended beyond the six months for no additional charge. Please contact us directly regarding this.
  • What if we later decide we want to list our house with a Full-Service Agent?
    You can decide to list with a Full-Service Agent at any time during the Listing Term, however, you will be subject to the Cancelation Fee and Success Fee. If you decide to list with a Fizber Approved Agent, we will waive these Fees.

More Info About Flat Fee MLS

The Multiple listing service, also known as the MLS, is a portal that real estate brokers can access to list properties, view local real estate data, and interact with other brokers. Most people recognize the MLS as the database that all realtors to post homes for sale. The MLS can only be accessed by local licensed realtors, who pay a membership fee. There are over 800 MLS’s in the country and each multiple listing services is geographically based. Real estate listings should only be posted on the local MLS. acts as a nationwide collection of all properties listed on the 800 MLS around the country. The only way to get your home listed on the MLS is through a licensed broker who is a member of your local MLS.

Many home sellers are unaware that they can get their home listed on the MLS without paying 4-6% commission to an agent. Some home seller don’t think they can get their FSBO listing on the MLS because they do not want to sign a listing agreement with an agent. However, FSBO’s can successfully list and sell their for sale by owner listing on the MLS. A growing trend in the United States is home owners wanting to get their home listed on the MLS through the Flat Fee MLS service. It is a simple process that allows home sellers to get their home listed on the MLS by paying a for sale by owner friendly broker a one time, flat fee payment.

Many homeowners want the exposure the MLS provides, but they do not want to hire a realtor to sell the property for them because of the commission fees. The Flat Fee MLS product is a great option for these home sellers to get their home on the MLS without paying a full commission. This can help home sellers save thousands of dollars when selling their home. With a Flat Fee MLS offering, home sellers are able to post their property on the local MLS through this a la carte option. They can pay a few hundred dollars and enjoy the same exposure they would have if they listed with an agent, but instead of paying the listing agent a commission they pay a flat fee. If you are going to list your home on the MLS, home sellers should consider offering a commission to the buyer’s agent. Instead of paying 4-6% commission at closing the home seller will pay half of that, around 2-3% in commissions to the buyer’s agent. This is a significant savings of thousands of dollars, often tens of thousands of dollars. That is where comes into the mix. offers a competitive, low cost $0 upfront and $1,995 paid at closing for our Flat Fee MLS service. This service gets you six months on your local MLS. Additionally, your local MLS listing will share your property with as well as other sites that have sharing agreements with your local MLS (Zillow, Trulie, etc.).

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you purchase the Flat Fee MLS from Fizber, a receipt will be sent to the email address you provided.
  2. You will be contacted via email by the licensed broker/brokerage who will put your listing on the MLS. The broker will send the MLS paperwork to the email address associated with your Fizber account. Please check your junk mail, sometimes the forms end up there.
  3. All inquiries from the MLS are forwarded to you by the broker that post your listing on the MLS. Even though the broker put you list on the MLS, you are still in control of your listing and will be responsible to answer all questions from buyers, set up showings, negotiate the sales price, and the seller’s closing paperwork.
  4. Once you receive the paperwork, please fill it out and send it back to the broker along with the photos of your property. Once they receive your completed paperwork, your MLS listing will go live within 1 to 2 business days. At that point the six month MLS listing starts.
  5. Once it’s live on the MLS, will pick it up within 24 to 48 hours.
  6. Now your listing will receive maximum online exposure.
  7. You will start receiving buyer inquires!
  8. Find a qualified buyer and close the deal!

Flat Fee MLS History

In the early 1990’s an agent in Florida owned a brokerage and started offering a la cart services to his clients. When home sellers purchased these a la cart services from him, he would accept a flat fee instead of a percentage of the sales price when the transaction closed. One of the most popular a la cart options was the Flat Fee MLS listing. The agent would unbundle this service and post the home for sale on the MLS without requiring the home seller to use his other services.

The reason the Flat Fee MLS listing was so popular was it offered the exposure the MLS provides while cutting out the listing side of the commission. Home sellers could now work directly with the buyer’s agent. Home seller’s still need to offer the buyer’s agent a commission. By doing this, they typically save about half of the commission. As home prices have increased over the years, this saving has become very significant to home sellers.

The Flat Fee MLS has dramatically changes the way home sellers think about selling their home. It is also a very different way of selling a home from the traditional method. Over the last 25-30 years, technology has empowered the home seller to control several aspects of the home sales process that were very difficult to manage before the internet era. As home sellers utilize technology to sell their home, they will be able to cut down costs and keep more money in their pocket. Fizber will continue to empower home sellers to sell their home by owner and save the commission!